Jewelry Customs and Taxes (Shipping from Thailand)

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*Important Note*These numbers are for reading purposes only.

Some nations impose customs duty and other taxes on imported jewelry. This article is only intended for reading purposes only, these numbers are estimates. Should you want to know the true numbers of the duties and taxes of imported jewelry please contact your local custom's authority. 

Estimated Jewelry Duties and Taxes

Great Britain (UK)- Duties (2.5%), VAT (20%)

Canada- Duties (6%), GST (5%) - Some Canadian provinces add more tax on top of the federal tax rate. 

Australia- Duties (5%), GST (10%)

USA- Duties (5.5%), Sales Taxes (0%) - Duties and taxes may vary if the merchandise is over $2500

New Zealand- Duties (5%), GST (15%)

Sweden- Duties (2.5%), VAT (25%)

Netherlands- Duties (2.5%), VAT (21%)

Germany- Duties (2.5%), VAT (19%)

Belgium- Belgium prohibits the importation of jewelry from individuals. However, if you are shipping to Belgium please directly contact us.

Ireland- Duties (2.5%), VAT (23%)

South Africa- Duties (20%), VAT (15%)

Austria- Duties (2.5%), VAT (20%)

France- Duties (2.5%), VAT (20%)

Hong Kong- Duties (0%), Taxes (0%) - Hong Kong is known for the capital jewelry center. There are not duties or taxes incurred importing to Hong Kong.

Singapore- Duties (0%), GST (7%)

Switzerland- Duties (0%), VAT (7.7%)

Monaco- Duties (2.5%), VAT (19%)

Malaysia- Duties (0%), Taxes (0%) - Known for its tax haven's, Malaysia is tax free in the importation of jewelry. 

United Arab Emirates- Duties (5%), VAT (5%) - Goods over $5000 will need to be declared by a private customs broker. Duties and Taxes in this threshold may vary.

Poland- Duties (2.5%), VAT (23%)

Italy- Duties (2.5%), VAT (22%)

India- Unknown- This is because they do not allow international couriers like Fedex and DHL to clear customs in-house, as they want only their own private couriers within India to clear them.

Taiwan- Duties (0%), VAT (5%)

Turkey- Duties (2.5%), VAT (18%)

Denmark- Duties (2.5%), VAT (25%)

Cyprus- Duties (2.5%), VAT (19%)

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