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Create your own personalized jewelry piece from scratch. Start a Project with us from A-Z. Or simply get inspired from our 300+ Designs to choose from, tell us what you want. Our team members will guide you through each step from helping you draw up your design to guiding you to which metal and gem color pairs looks best. 

STEPS to starting a project with us.

1) Send us a message. Via our website live chat box, email (, DM us through our instagram (@murky_jewelry), or reach out to us via WhatsApp (+66979236381) or LINE messaging app (@376tbfq). 

2) Voice your thoughts. Let us know what you need, send us an example image or a sketch of what you have in mind. If you need inspiration we can send you some example designs for you to choose from! From there our team members will work with you along the way to help perfect your design. 

3) Once you're satisfied with the design we will then proceed to create a type of special 3D file.

4) Once everything checks out in the 3D program we will then print out a tangible 3D plastic version of the model for you to review before turning it into metal!

5) Final step. From here on, it's easy! All you need to do is just hang tight. Method of delivery will be discussed in this final step.

Payment Information

This is a special custom/bespoke piece. We would like our customers to pay a deposit fee of 60% upfront. Total pricing will be given to the customer in the 2nd step of the process.

For International orders (Outside of Thailand)-Duties and Taxes are not included in the pricing of the custom/bespoke piece, for further details regarding Duties and Taxes please contact us or your local customs office.

We will create a custom invoice for you when we reach step 2 of the production process. We accept bank transfers and credit card. More information will be provided by our support team that best suits your needs. 


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