3 Easy Steps to Finding Ring Size

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There are a few quick techniques to determine your ring size at home in addition to visiting your nearest jeweler and having your finger measured. Check out our list of simple methods for determining your ring size.

Things you should consider before measuring:

Avoid taking a ring size in the morning because the fingers are a bit thinner at that time and become normal later in the day.

Please take into consideration that fingers shrink in the cold and swell in the heat. So the best recommendation is to measure in warm temperature.

The toothpick trick. The ideal ring size is when you can fit a toothpick between your finger and the ring.

On days when you are having your monthly cycle your finger tend to become heavy and swollen. Please keep in mind that during pregnancy months, your fingers swell up.

Tricks to taking measurements:

Step 1: Measuring tape

Measuring your finger using a measuring tape is one of the simplest and most accurate ways to determine your ring size.

To determine the right size, thoroughly wrap your finger around the measuring tape, be careful to lock both ends in place.
Verify the size of your finger's circumference in millimeters.
Choose the appropriate ring size by comparing the size chart to the circumference in millimeters.

Step 2: Measure the ring's circumference you already own

You can carefully measure the inside diameter of the ring you already own that fits well.

For the ideal ring size, be sure to join the edges to edges.
In accordance with the millimeter's number, use the table of the size chart to determine the ring size.

Step 3: Measure using thread or a piece of paper

The circumference of the finger can also be measured with a thread or a small piece of paper, and the measurement is then compared to the final ring size using a ruler. Now that you have this measurement, you can find the corresponding size number.


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